Isabel Zaman was born in Etzatlan, a rural mining village of Jalisco state of Mexico.  Where she was inspired to paint by the vibrant colors and people that surrounded her.  She is the sixth of eleven siblings.

Since childhood she has had a special interest in painting and used charcoal, to paint on paper or wood. She has grown as an artist and although she still uses charcoal, she has moved onto oil and acrylic paint on canvas.

Once, after stealing chalk from her brother to paint, she was bitten by her mother and restricted from painting because at that time in Mexico it was believed that girls were created to give birth and take care of the home. She did not begin to paint again until her three boys had grown and her husband started pushing.

Isabel studied art and painting at UCSD Extension and has enjoyed private classes from several renowned painters in San Diego, California.

Isabel does not feel constrained for one moment to venture into daring paths for her artistic expression…
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